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Ice Occasions provides a wide range of ice sculptures and carvings that are created using all the tools available to our sculptors. Technology has advanced the art in a couple of ways: (1) design software and computer controlled cutting equipment to accurately reproduce a logo or other images in ice and (2) our patented molding process to produce beautiful ice pieces worthy of any table. With award winnimg ice sculptors and their extraordinary talents with chain saws and chisels, coupled with technological advances, our work is second to none. You owe it to your clients and guests to provide the best in ice.

Ice Occasions can and does ship our ice products anywhere in North America. We have established a network of Ice Occasions dealers across the country resulting in lower freight cost to our customers. Why pay freight from one coast to the other when your order can be shipped from the location nearest you.

Ice Occasions West has much to offer and we want your business to contact us now!